[February 11, 2018]

We’ve implemented the following changes in version 0.9.62:

  • PHP Server Monitoring Agent – allowing yout o monitor your servers’ resource usage even if you are on shared web hosting and do not have root access to the server. To find out how to get started, please see our installation guide.
  • Shell Server Monitoring Agent install procedure now allows for easy configuration of monitored services. Service monitoring allows the HetrixTools Server Monitoring Agent to track the status of up to 10 services running on your server, and you can configure to be notified if any of them go down. For more info please see our documentation on service monitoring.
  • Search for CIDR Blocks within your Blacklist Monitors. This has been a requested feature for some time now, and it allows you to search for specific blocks within your blacklist monitors (ie: Allowing searches for blocks as big as /22.
  • Domain Expiration Monitoring and Nameserver Change Detection is now available for all of our Uptime Monitors that have a domain or hostname as a monitored target, as opposed to before when these features were available only for our Website Uptime Monitors.
  • White Label configuration now allows you to modify your logo’s position on your White Label Reports (left, center, right). This can be done from your White Label Settings: https://hetrixtools.com/dashboard/account/white-label/
  • Minor other tweaks and improvements.

If you experience any issues with these new features, please open a support ticket on our website and let us know about it.