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To begin, you’ve got to first create a CNAME Record for your desired domain or subdomain that will be used for your White Label reports.

Let’s say you wish to use the subdomain ‘’

Go to your DNS manager and create a CNAME Record for that points to the following alias: “” (without quotes)

Notice the dot at the end, this must be included in some DNS managers; while other DNS managers don’t allow it and will add it on their own in the back-end.

IMPORTANT: If you set your DNS record via CloudFlare, make sure that this CNAME record is not protected by CloudFlare (must be grey cloud, not orange cloud). For more please see:

Once you’re done setting this up, please allow a few minutes for the changes to propagate and then proceed with your White Label configuration on our website.

Our system will not accept any domain or subdomain which is not first properly configured as described above.

If you have any questions or issues, be sure to contact our support department.

If you’re adding a domain/subdomain which is behind CloudFlare or a similar service, make sure to keep it unprotected, so our system can generate the SSL certificate for your domain/subdomain to be used on your white label pages.