– Unresponsive

[November 29, 2023] This RBL has been unresponsive for a few days now. We’ve temporarily removed it from our system until it recovers. If any of your monitors are blacklisted on this RBL, they will appear as delisted within the next 24 hours. We’ll keep an eye on the situation as it progresses.

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[November 7, 2023] This RBL has announced that it will soon be shutting down and no longer contains any blacklistings. It has now been removed from our system. Please find their announcement in the screen capture below:

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[July 29, 2022] This RBL has become unresponsive, and we’ve removed it from our system until it returns to functioning normally again. If any of your blacklist monitors are blacklisted on this RBL, they will be marked as delisted during the next automatic check.

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[September 17, 2021] This RBL has gone dark a few weeks ago (August 26, 2021), and we’ve been monitoring it in hopes it would come back up again, but it appears that won’t be the case. We’ve currently disabled it on our system, and it will be re-enabled if/when it comes back up again. If […]

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[March 5, 2020] This RBL has become unresponsive a few days ago and it does not seem to come back online. We’re currently disabling it from our system. If/when it will come back online and will maintain its stability, we’ll re-enable on our platform.

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Abusix blacklists added to HetrixTools

[February 5, 2020] The following Blacklists from¬†Abusix¬†have now been added to our Blacklist Monitoring system: – IP Spam Blacklist – IP Exploit Blacklist – Domain Blacklist If any of your monitored IPs or Domains are blacklisted on these RBLs, they will appear as such in your HetrixTools dashboard and notifications after the […]

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nsZones – Down & Removed

[November 27, 2019] nsZones RBLs have gone offline, which has caused some false positive ‘delisting’ notifications before our mitigation system kicked in. We’ve now removed these RBLs from our system: You can safely ignore any of the last notifications regarding these RBLs.

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[November 25, 2019] This RBL has started issuing a lot of false positive results and we’ve currently disabled it from our system until the issue is fixed on their side. If you have any IPs blacklisted on this RBL, they will appear as being delisted within the next 24 hours (the next time they will […]

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