Starting with the HetrixTools Agent v1.05 you can define up to 10 services to be constantly monitored by our agent on your server.

To configure this in your Agent, please follow these instructions:

  • Open “/etc/hetrixtools/” with your favorite text editor
  • Find the following text: CheckServices
  • Fill in the services you wish to monitor (part of service name is also accepted, but not recommended), like so:
  • Save the agent file with the new changes, and that’s it.

The agent will now send the status of the monitored services, to our platform, every minute.

Please note: it can take up to two (2) minutes, after saving the file, for the Agent to send data regarding the monitored services.


You can see the monitored services, along with the other Server Monitoring stats, below Disk Usage:

If the service is green, it means its process is running, while if the service is red, it means its process is not running.


You can also choose to be alerted when any of your monitored services ever go down:

But you may not want to be alerted for all the monitored services, you can simply de-select those:

The unselected services will still be marked as being down (red) in your dashboard, if they ever do go down, but you will not receive any alerts for them being down.

You can monitor up to 10 services this way.