You can easily set any of your reports as the Default White Label Report.

What does this mean exactly?

The Default White Label Report is the report that gets displayed when accessing your white label domain/subdomain directly.

Here’s how to set yours.

Go to any Bulk Report, or to any Uptime Monitor or Blacklist Monitor , and from the Action drop down menu find the link as shown below.

*You can do this with any of your Blacklist Monitors, Uptime Monitors, or your Bulk Reports.

**Any account can only have one default white label report set at any given time.

***In order for the above action link to appear in your lists, you’ll need to have your White Labeling system enabled. Read more about how to enable and configure it here:

Once you’ve set a Default White Label Report, it’ll be marked with a star in your list, so you can easily identify it.

You can change the Default White Label Report at any given time by simply selecting another report from your lists.

The changes are instant, and you can verify this in real time by accessing your white label domain or subdomain.

*When you first configure your White Labeling system, there will be no default white label report set for your account, so your white label domain/subdomain will just issue a 404 error page.

**Once you’ve set a default white label report, there’s no way to unset it, it’ll just be possible to change it with another report.

***If you end up deleting your default white label report, then your white label domain/subdomain will issue a 404 error until you set a new default white label report.