This feature allows you to modify your Uptime Monitor’s maintenance mode status right from the downtime email notification, without the need to log into your account.

This way, you or your colleagues can focus more on fixing the actual issue which causes the downtime, and less on worrying about placing the Uptime Monitor under maintenance mode.

Possible choices are:

  • No Maint. – is the default/normal Uptime Monitor state. In this state the maintenance mode is off/disabled.
  • Maint. with notifications – is the state in which maintenance mode is turned on, but you’re still going to receive up/down alerts.
  • Maint. without notifications – is the state in which maintenance mode is turned on, and no up/down alerts are sent out.

For more info on how Maintenance Mode affects your Uptime Monitor and its alerts, please see:

The generated OneClick links are unique for every user, every uptime monitor, every maintenance mode type, and they expire automatically every week.
These links are impossible to guess, predict, or brute-force.

Accessing the OneClick links will take you to a very basic page on our website, where the action is completed. We’ve designed the landing page to be as simple as possible, so you can easily use OneClick links from any device at any time (i.e.: even a low-end smartphone with a bad Internet connection).

No other access is given by these OneClick links, other than the ability to modify the maintenance mode status of the given Uptime Monitor, however you should not share these links with anyone.