– Inactive & Removed

[December 8, 2021] This RBL has stopped responding to DNS queries. We’ve now removed it from our system until it starts working again. If any of your blacklist monitors are blacklisted on this RBL, they will be marked as delisted during the next automatic check.

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SSL errors due to expiring LetsEncrypt root certificate (DST Root CA X3)

[September 24, 2021] Starting today, we’ve started seeing an increased number of SSL certificate failures, which is due to one of LetsEncrypt root certificates (DST Root CA X3) that’s about to expire within the next few days, on September 30, 2021. You can read more about this here: Why is this happening before the expiration […]

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[September 17, 2021] This RBL has gone dark a few weeks ago (August 26, 2021), and we’ve been monitoring it in hopes it would come back up again, but it appears that won’t be the case. We’ve currently disabled it on our system, and it will be re-enabled if/when it comes back up again. If […]

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Feb 8, 2021 – Outage/Incident

[February 8, 2021] Today, we’ve experienced a brief outage, followed by a few hours of degraded performance, caused by one of our upstream providers performing an unannounced maintenance on one of our critical database nodes. Incident timeline(all times are UTC) 11:01 – our main database node suddenly went offline 11:01 – 11:10 – we’ve started […]

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ADDTrust Root Certificate Expired Triggering Downtime Notifications

[May 30, 2020] On 30th of May 2020, at around 10:50 AM (UTC), our system has started detecting an unusually high number of downtimes, and upon further investigation, we’ve discovered that quite a lot of the monitored websites were having SSL issues. This was caused due to the¬†ADDTrust Root Certificate expiring¬†and in turn invalidating a […]

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[March 5, 2020] This RBL has become unresponsive a few days ago and it does not seem to come back online. We’re currently disabling it from our system. If/when it will come back online and will maintain its stability, we’ll re-enable on our platform.

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nsZones – Down & Removed

[November 27, 2019] nsZones RBLs have gone offline, which has caused some false positive ‘delisting’ notifications before our mitigation system kicked in. We’ve now removed these RBLs from our system: You can safely ignore any of the last notifications regarding these RBLs.

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[November 25, 2019] This RBL has started issuing a lot of false positive results and we’ve currently disabled it from our system until the issue is fixed on their side. If you have any IPs blacklisted on this RBL, they will appear as being delisted within the next 24 hours (the next time they will […]

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