[June 19, 2017]

Version 0.9.56 brings a series of new features and improvements.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Improved Downtime Diagnostics – now generates MTR instead of Traceroute samples.
  • Introducing Maximize Workspace – allowing you to take advantage of your entire screen, and use it all to display our Blacklist Monitoring and Uptime Monitoring workspaces.
  • Improved Auto-Refresh Timer – we’ve redesigned the timer to automatically detect if the user is working or not inside the workspace, and only refresh the interface if there is no user action, as to prevent disruptions to the user’s workflow caused by the interface refresh.
  • When adding new Blacklist Monitors, you can now tick a box called “Keep this open” in order to keep the modal open, instead of closing it after each monitor added. This will speed up the process of adding more monitors, if you need to add them one by one.
  • Added the ‘talosintelligence.com’ RBL to our Blacklist Monitoring.
  • Released two new APIs, ‘v2 Blacklist Report’ and ‘v2 Blacklist Report (with date)’. Which are improved versions of their predecessors v1 versions. You can find them in our API Explorer.
  • Introducing a few more settings, which you can find in your Account Settings:
    – Open your Blacklist/Uptime monitor reports in a new tab (If enabled, the reports accessed from your Blacklist/Uptime monitoring dashboards will be opened in new tabs.)
    – Blacklist Check API reports Public (If enabled, all reports generated by running the Blacklist Check API will be Public. Otherwise these reports are private and can be accessed only while logged in.)
    – Newly added blacklist monitors Public by default (If enabled, all newly added blacklist monitors will be Public by default. Useful if adding monitors via the API and want to share the generated reports.)
  • Other various minor tweaks and improvements on our platform’s interface.

If you experience any issues with these new features, please open a support ticket on our website and let us know about it.