The default contact list will be the list that will be auto-selected by default when you’re adding new Uptime Monitors or Blacklist Monitors.

This default contact list is marked with a gray star in your contact lists view:

You can easily remove your default contact list, by clicking the gray star.

By not having a default contact list, you will need to select a contact list every time you’re adding a new monitor.

It’s also just as easy to select another contact list as your default, simply by clicking the star next to the desired contact list, like so:


You cannot have more than one default Contact List at any given time.

Having a default Contact List doesn’t mean you cannot select a different list when adding new monitors.


This feature can be useful if you’re mainly using one contact list on pretty much all of your monitors. By not having to select a contact list every time you add a new monitor, you end up saving a lot of time in the long run.