Remove entry from Contact List

If you added multiple notification channels to your Contact List and you no longer wish to use one/some of them, you can easily remove entries as shown in the following short guide. Start by going to your Contact Lists from your client area menu. Now, locate the Contact List that you wish to modify and […]

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You can receive our platform’s notifications on To begin setting up the integration, head on to your Contact Lists page from your client area menu: Then, either create a new Contact List or modify an existing one. Locate the section of the contact list and insert your URL, an access token (optional […]

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Zenduty Integration

This guide will show you how to easily set up the Zenduty integration so that your HetrixTools notifications will be streamed to your team on the Zenduty platform. On the Zenduty platform Start by heading to your Zenduty dashboard, click on the “Teams” tab, and then click on the team’s name where you wish to […]

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v0.9.48 – Changelog

[December 27, 2016] We’re pushing out this small update separately from our upcoming Server Monitoring major release, which should be out within the next few weeks. So, here are the changes that v0.9.48 brings to the platform: Default Contact List – this feature allows you to easily select one of your contact lists as being the […]

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How do Contact Lists work?

When you sign up for a HetrixTools account, our system will create a ‘Default Contact’ contact list, which you can find by going to your ‘Contact Lists’ page: This default contact list will only contain the email address that you have registered with. However, you can edit this contact list in order to change its […]

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Default Contact List

The default contact list is the list that will automatically be selected when you’re adding new Uptime Monitors or Blacklist Monitors. This default contact list is marked with a gray star in your contact lists view. You can easily remove your default contact list by clicking the gray star. By not having a default contact […]

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