SMS Credits are used when you receive SMS Notifications. A contact list can contain up to 5 phone numbers that will be notified via SMS if you assign the contact list to any of your Uptime Monitors or Blacklist Monitors.

Every phone number that receives a notification will use 1 SMS credit, so if you have 3 phone numbers in 1 contact list, and you receive 1 notification to that contact list, it will use 3 SMS credits (one credit for each SMS sent to all of the 3 numbers in the list).

How are SMS Credits obtained?

Every paid package on our website comes with a number of monthly SMS Credits. Depending on which package you are on, on the 1st of every month your account will be given this amount of SMS Credits for you to use during that specific month.

Please note that the SMS Credits from all of your packages will stack up, so if you have both Blacklist and Uptime monitoring paid packages, you will get the monthly SMS Credits from both of them.

The package SMS Credits are not transferable from one month to another. The unused credits will be lost at the end of each month.

You can keep track of your packages’ SMS Credits in your account dashboard:


If you need more SMS Credits than are included in your package, you can always buy extra credits, as discussed in the next chapter.

Buying extra SMS Credits.

If the package SMS Credits aren’t enough, you can top off your credits from your account dashboard by clicking on the SMS Credits numbers.


The bought SMS Credits (called Extra Credits) are accounted for separately in your dashboard.


So you will always be able to tell how many package credits and how many extra credits you have left.

The bought extra credits will never expire, and will remain in your account until used.

Our system will always use the package credits first, and only when those run out, will it start using from your bought extra credits.

What if I run out of SMS Credits?

When your credits run out, you will simply not receive any more SMS Notifications until the following month, when the package credits are automatically replenished, or until you buy some more extra credits.