You can easily configure warning emails to be sent out to you when you’re running low on SMS credits, so you can refill this credit before running out and missing important SMS notifications.

To begin, simply got to your Account Settings:

Locate the “SMS Credit Warning” section:

This is “Disabled” by default, so just enable it and configure its options:

  • Warn Limit – if your SMS Credit is at, or goes below this value, you will start receiving low SMS Credit alerts.
  • Frequency – determines how often these alerts should be sent out to your email address.

These “Low SMS Credits” notification emails are sent only to the account’s email address. They also contain an ‘unsubscribe’ link that, when clicked, will disable your low SMS Credit warning emails, so you can stop receiving these notifications (if you wish so), without having to visit your Account Settings.

Using this feature will help prevent you from missing out on critical SMS notification regarding your monitors.