You can choose to be alerted multiple times while your monitors are offline.

These repeated alerts will be sent after the initial downtime alert, which is sent by default.

Here’s how to configure repeated alerts for any Uptime Monitor.

When adding or editing an Uptime Monitor, click “show advanced settings”.


Then scroll down till you reach these two settings.


Here you can configure your Repeat Alerts.

  • Repeat Down Alert X Times – this is the number of times you wish for our system to keep alerting you that your monitor is still offline.
  • Repeat Down Alert X Minutes – this is how many minutes apart the repeat alerts should be sent out.

Please note that both “Repeat Down Alert X Times” and “Repeat Down Alert X Minutes” will need to be configured in order for the repeat alerts to function. Failing to set either of these values will result in neither of them being set.

How to stop Repeat Alerts, once I acknowledged the downtime?

There are several ways Repeated Alerts can be stopped:

  • Easiest way is to put the uptime monitor under maintenance. Any kind of maintenance (with or without notifications) will immediately stop all repeated alerts.
  • Repeated alerts will automatically stop if the uptime monitor comes back online.
  • Another way would be to edit the uptime monitor, and change its “Repeat Down Alert X Times” or “Repeat Down Alert X Minutes” (not advised).
  • And finally, the repeated alerts will stop automatically once “Repeat Down Alert X Times” number of alerts has been sent, and your monitor is still offline.

*Please note: if you leave an uptime monitor under maintenance, no repeat alerts will work for said monitor while it is under maintenance.

How do ‘Repeat Alerts’ work?

Let’s take the following example. You’ve set these values:
Repeat Down Alert X Times: 5
Repeat Down Alert X Minutes: 2

Now, your monitor goes offline. This is what happens:

  • Instantly: you get the initial offline alert.
  • After 2 minutes: you get the alert that your monitor is still offline (2 minutes because you’ve set “Repeat Down Alert X Minutes” to 2).
  • You keep getting such notifications 5 times, every 2 minutes (5 times because you’ve set “Repeat Down Alert X Times” to 5).
  • After all of the 5 repeated alerts are sent out, you won’t get any more notifications until your monitor comes back online.