[January 24, 2021]

The SMART test warnings are part of our Drive Health Monitor, and they would let you know if the SMART test performed on your server is failing for one or more drives.

These SMART test warnings used to be enabled if you had enabled either of the “Drive Error Warnings” or “Drive Wearout Warnings” on your server monitor.

We’ve now changed these warnings to have their own dedicated enable/disable functionality, for the cases where you may want to be warned about your drive’s wearout or errors, but you’d not want to be warned if the SMART test fails (ie: if wearout of a drive is at or above 100% the SMART test always fails).

You can find the SMART test enable/disable option within the “Drive Health” section of your server monitoring stats, right under “Drive Error Warnings” and “Drive Wearout Warnings”:

You can also configure it for multiple server monitors at once by using our Group Actions, as explained here: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/change-the-server-resource-usage-warnings-for-multiple-uptime-monitors-at-once/

Furthermore, we’ve now added “Service Status Warnings” to our Group Actions, for when you wish to enable/disable these warnings for multiple server monitors at a time.

For more on how to use this feature, please see: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/change-the-server-resource-usage-warnings-for-multiple-uptime-monitors-at-once/

If you experience issues with any of these new changes, please open a ticket on our website and let us know about it. Thank you.