In order to help you identify recent changes within your Blacklist Monitors list, we’ve implemented color indicators.


The “Report” cell next to each of your monitors can get colored green or red.

Green – means that the monitor has been recently delisted from one or more RBLs;

Red – means that the monitor has been recently listed on one or more RBLs.

How does it work?

Our system will look through recent changes during the last X hours/days (this can be configured by you), and will take into consideration the very last change in order to indicate the changes as explained above.

Where to configure?

In your Account Settings you have two configurable options for this feature.

– You can enable or disable this entire feature. Default is enabled.


– You can set the last X hours/days that our system will look through in order to indicate for any changes (the bigger this time frame is, the more color indications you’ll probably see in your Blacklist Monitor list).



Our email notifications are a good way to keep track of all of the recent changes, but you may want to have everything at a quick glance right in your Blacklist Monitors list.

That’s where this feature comes in.

Say you want to see if any of your monitors got listed/delisted within the past 6 hours. Just change the time frame from you account settings, and check your Blacklist Monitors list. You’ll quickly see the colored boxes next to the monitors which suffered any changes.

Say you’re coming to work on Monday and want to see all change since Friday. Just set the time frame to 2-3 days, and all of the changes will be indicated right in your monitors list.