This setting can be located in your “Account Settings” under the “Reports” tab.

Start by clicking on your name in the top right part of the screen in your client area, and select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu:

Now, select the “Reports” tab from your account settings, and locate the section called “Inherit password protection”:

If enabled, this setting will cause all your public Blacklist and Uptime reports to inherit the password protection from any password-protected Status Pages they belong to. So, when such a Blacklist/Uptime report is accessed via its direct public link, it will ask for a password to allow the users to view its content.

To read more about how you can protect your status pages with a password, please see:

Please note:

  • If a Blacklist or Uptime report belongs to more than one password-protected status page, any of the passwords that unlock those status pages it belongs to will unlock the Blacklist/Uptime report.
  • If a Blacklist or Uptime report belongs to at least one password-protected status page, then this Blacklist/Uptime report can’t be publicly accessed without a password.
  • If this setting is disabled, then just the status page is password-protected, but the individual Blacklist or Uptime reports from that status page are not password-protected.