[May 6, 2018]

We’ve worked on some interface improvements and ease of access implementations.  

Here’s the version 0.9.65 Changelog:

  • You can now modify the SSL/Domain Expiration and Nameservers Change Detection warnings for multiple Uptime Monitors at once, making it very easy to manage a large number of monitored websites (view documentation).
  • You can now also modify the Server Resource Usage warnings for multiple Uptime Monitors as well, making it easy to manage a large number of server monitors (view documentation).
  • The Uptime Monitoring Bulk Reports (Public Uptime Status pages) will now auto-refresh every 60 seconds, allowing your users to see the real-time status of your infrastructure, without having to reload your uptime status page.
  • The Uptime Monitoring Bulk Reports Announcement will also automatically reload every 60 seconds, so you can keep your users updated with news related to your outages, without them having to constantly refresh the uptime status page. You can read more about the Bulk Reports Announcements, in our documentation: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/add-an-announcement-to-your-bulk-reports/
  • Server resources, if made public will now show in your Uptime Bulk Reports, under the monitor’s name (just like in your Uptime Monitors dashboard). Please see our documentation on how to make these specific resources public: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/resource-usage-privacy/

If you’re experiencing any bugs or issues with these new features, please open a support ticket on our website and let us know about it.