In order to use your own White Label Domain on our platform (i.e.:, you’ll have to create a CNAME DNS record in your domain’s DNS management platform.

The following general steps should apply to most DNS management platforms:
  • Log into your DNS management console (usually provided by your domain registrar, or third party providers such as CloudFlare if you’ve moved your nameservers there).
  • Locate the area where you can change or add DNS records
  • Create a new DNS record with the following attributes/values:
    • Type: CNAME
    • Name/Alias: your desired name, for instance if you want your White Label Domain to be then use ‘status‘ (without quotes) as your name/alias.
    • Points to:
    • IMPORTANT: if you’re setting this up on CloudFlare, be sure to select the gray cloud next to this DNS record (more info)
    • Optional: in some (older) DNS management consoles, you are required to add an ending dot after “”, so make sure to watch out for that if you encounter any errors while adding the new DNS record.
  • Save your DNS changes

While the steps listed above should cover most DNS managers, if you encounter any issues with your specific DNS manager and need help adding or configuring your DNS records, you should contact your DNS manager’s support team and inquire how to add or configure your DNS records on their platform.

Where do I find my DNS management console?

This is usually provided by your domain registrar, unless you’ve changed your domain’s nameservers to point elsewhere (i.e.: to CloudFlare) in which case the DNS management is handled by the platform where you’ve pointed your nameservers to (i.e.: CloudFlare).