If you wish to receive our alerts and notifications into your OpsGenie account, please follow the steps below to setup the integration.

First go to your OpsGenie dashboard, and access the “Settings” link from the left side menu:

The head on to “Integrations list” from the newly opened menu on the left side of your screen:

On the “Integrations list” page be sure to click on the “API” link:

Then configure the API options as you desire (ie: name, team, responders, etc). You can learn more about these options from the OpsGenie documentation.

Once you’re done configuring your new API, be sure to copy the “API Key” and then click on the “Save Integration” button at the bottom:

Now, head on to the HetrixTools platform, and access your Contact Lists page:

Create a new Contact List, or edit an existing one, and go to the “OpsGenie” section of your Contact List, where you should paste in the API Key that you’ve copied earlier and configure the priority level our alerts should be sent at. Once you’re done make sure to save the Contact List from the bottom at the bottom:

You’re now all set, this Contact List will now send alerts and notifications to your OpsGenie account.

How does HetrixTools handle OpsGenie alerts?

Our ‘Uptime Monitoring’ notifications will open an alert when a monitor goes offline, and will close this alert when the monitor comes back online.

Our ‘Server Resource Usage’ notifications will open alerts when the resource usage goes above your set warning limits. These alerts will not be closed by our platform.

Our ‘Blacklist Monitoring’ notifications will open alerts when changes (blacklisting/delisting) are detected with your monitors. These incidents will not be closed by our platform.