[July 10, 2017]

Here’s the full changelog for the newly released version 0.9.57:

  • Location Fail Log – a new way of diagnosing the cause of your downtimes, provides critical info collected from each of our monitored locations when they encounter problems verifying the online status of your monitored target (view documentation).
  • New Uptime Monitoring Webhooks – having a better format than the older version, and containing more info (view documentation).
  • Introducing Server Monitoring Resource Usage Webhooks – so you can get webhook notifications regarding the resource usage of your monitored servers (view documentation).
  • New Discord Integration – you can now configure your HetrixTools Contact Lists to send out notifications directly to your Discord server (view documentation).
  • Improved Uptime Monitoring Design (for both desktop and mobile).
  • SSL White Label Reports – all of your White Label reports will now be served only via SSL, by default, with no extra configuration required on your part (thanks to LetsEncrypt). Be sure that your White Label hostname is properly configured (CNAME DNS record to reports.hetrixtools.com), more info in our documentation.

If you’re encountering any issues with these new features, be sure to open a support ticket on our website and let us know about it.