Assign a webhook url to any of your contact lists, so you can receive Uptime Monitoring notifications in real time, directly to your platform.



Here are the variables that our system will post to your script:
monitor_type – can be: ‘website’, ‘ping’, ‘service[X]’, ‘smtp[X]’ (where X is the monitored port)
monitor_status – can either be ‘online’ or ‘offline’

The names are pretty much self explanatory.


You can find the ID of any of your uptime monitors, by simply accessing their uptime report, the ID will be in the url:



Here’s a PHP code example that you could use to capture these variables in your webhook script:
$monitor_id = $_POST['monitor_id'];
$monitor_name = $_POST['monitor_name'];
$monitor_target = $_POST['monitor_target'];
$monitor_type = $_POST['monitor_type'];
$monitor_category = $_POST['monitor_category'];
$monitor_status = $_POST['monitor_status'];

Once you capture the variables, you can use them however you wish with your own code.

Make sure to sanitize the captured data before using it.


If you wish to restrict access to your webhook script, here’s the IP address that will be sending our webhook notifications:


Webhooks are currently available only for uptime alerts, there are no webhook notifications sent out for your blacklist monitors.