As your blacklist monitors list grows, you’ll probably want to be able to find the exact IP or Label you’re looking for without too much effort.

This is why we’ve made searching as simple as possible.

You can search by an exact IP address.


You can also search for part of an IP address to show all of the IPs which contain that part.


It’s also possible to search by Label keywords. For instance, you can label an IP range “Dallas VPS”, another IP range “Dallas Shared”, and another IP range “Chicago VPS”. If you then want to see only your VPS IPs, simply search for the word “VPS”, and it will show both Dallas and Chicago VPS ranges, while if you only want to see your Dallas IPs, you can search for “Dallas”, and it will show you both the “Dallas VPS” and “Dallas Shared” IP ranges.

One thing worth mentioning here is that if you place an exclamation mark in front of your search keyword, our system will show you all Blacklist Monitors that do not contain that keyword.