In order to start receiving notifications from our platform to your PagerDuty account you’ll need to follow these steps.

First off, if you haven’t already done so, create a PagerDuty account:

Now, once you log into your PagerDuty account, go to the top menu > Configuration > Services


On the next page click the “Add Services” button.


Set a name for your new Service, select “Use our API directly”, and then click “Add Service”.


Then you’ll be given your Integration Key.


Copy/paste that Integration Key into any of your contact lists you have on our platform.


How does HetrixTools handle PagerDuty events?

For Uptime Monitoring, our platform will create events in your PagerDuty account based on the monitors that go offline, one event per monitored website/service. Our platform will also close the events in your PagerDuty account (mark them as resolved), once the monitored website/service comes back online.

For Blacklist Monitoring, our platform will just create events in your PagerDuty account. You will need to mark them as resolved yourself, once you have seen/handled the changes in your Blacklist Monitors.