[September 8, 2017]

We’re very excited to release the new version [v1.05] of our Server Monitoring Agent.

This new version collects more data for you to have in your dashboard and in your uptime reports.

The agent code is open source and available for inspection on GitHub: https://github.com/hetrixtools/agent

Here are the new features in the v1.05 Server Agent:

For the time being, Service Monitoring must be configured by editing the Agent script file on your server, but we do plan on making this process much simpler by allowing users to configure the services they wish to monitor, directly into the installation code on our platform; this should be released in the near future.

If you’re running any Agent version older than v1.05 and you wish to take advantage of all these new features and metrics, you can upgrade your Agent by simply running the installation code again, on your server. For more info check our documentation:  

Please open a support ticket and let us know if you encounter any issues or bugs with this new Agent release.