If our Server Monitoring Agent cannot automatically find any of your network interfaces to monitor, you will need to manually configure these into the Agent file.

First of all start by reinstalling the Agent to make sure that everything’s clean and working correctly. If you’ve just performed a clean Agent install then this step is not needed.

Now, you’ll need to find your server’s network interfaces. Try any of the following commands:

ip a
ifconfig -a
ls /sys/class/net
cat /proc/net/dev
netstat -i

Note the interfaces that you wish to monitor, separated by a comma, ie: eth0,eth1,eth2 ( if you only wish to monitor just one interface, no comma is needed, ie: eth0 ).

Moving on to editing the Agent file.

Start by opening the following file with any text editor.

For agent versions before v2.x:

For agent versions after v2.x:

Locate the setting called:

And modify its value with the names of your actual network interfaces.

Save the file, and you’re all done.

It can then take up to two (2) minutes for the network data to start coming in.