By default, our billing system will send out all of the billing-related emails (i.e., invoices, orders, reminders, etc.) to your account’s email address (a.k.a.: the email address that you have signed up with), which you can always change from your account settings:

However, under certain circumstances, you may want your billing-related emails to be sent to a different email address as well (i.e., for accounting purposes).

You can accomplish this in a couple of different ways:

  • The first and easiest way would be to go for one of our Professional, Business, or Enterprise packages, which allows you to have Sub-Accounts. You can configure one of these Sub-Accounts with your accountant’s email address and enable ‘Billing’ access for that Sub-Account. By doing this, both the master account and the ‘Billing’ access Sub-Account will receive the billing-related emails. Furthermore, your accountant, having their own Sub-Account on our platform, can even log into your master account and pay the invoices themselves, having ‘Billing’ access.
    You can read more about our Sub-Accounts feature here:
    And you can read about the Sub-Accounts access levels here:
    (the access level you are interested in is called ‘Billing’)
  • If the Professional, Business, or Enterprise packages are not for you, there’s still a way for your accountant to receive our billing-related emails directly to their inbox. You could simply set up a forwarding rule in your own inbox in order to forward all of the emails coming from our billing email address: billing (at) hetrixtools (dot) com
    This way, your forwarding rule should automatically forward all of our billing-related emails to whichever email address you may so choose.

We encourage you to go with the first option, as it would also give your accountant (or accounting department) access to the billing area on our platform, where they can pay your invoices and manage your subscriptions/orders.