If you wish to cancel any of your currently active orders, you can do so from the ‘Order View’ page.

Begin by heading to your ‘Orders’ page from the top menu in your client area:

Here, click on the Order ID which you wish to access:

And finally, click on the ‘Cancel Order’ button under the ‘Order Details’ section:

This action will immediately mark all of your unpaid invoices tied to this order as canceled and mark your order as canceled, as well.

If the order is “Active” and not “Pending” like in our example above, then your account will immediately be downgraded to the Free package. If you have more monitors in your account than the number included in our free packages, these will be paused and cannot be re-enabled until you remove enough of them to be within the free package limits.

If you have canceled an order by mistake, be sure to contact our support department as soon as possible, so we can fix it for you.

Please note that if you have an active PayPal Subscription, canceling the order will not cancel your subscription, as well. You will have to do that yourself from your PayPal Account > Profile > My Money > My preapproved payments

We will however refund any payments that were sent by an automatic subscription after the order has been canceled. Simply open a support ticket on our website.