Starting with agent version 1.03 logging is enabled by default, and you can find the log files here:


If you’re running the 1.03 agent, there’s no need to follow any of the steps mentioned below in this article.

Whereas, if you’re running a lower version, it’d be recommended to upgrade your agent to the latest version by running the installation code again, on your server.


Below steps only apply to agent versions below 1.03:

If you’re experiencing issues with your Server Monitor Agent, you will need to enable debugging in order to help our staff figure out what’s going wrong.

To do so, simply type into shell, as ‘root’, the following:

crontab -e -u hetrixtools

This will open the cron jobs for the ‘hetrixtools’ user in your default editor. It will look something like this:

You will need to change:

> /dev/null 2>&1


>> /etc/hetrixtools/debug.log

At the end it should look like this:

Save the cronjobs.

Next step, open the agent file ‘/etc/hetrixtools/’ with your favorite editor, find:

wget -t 1 -T 30 -qO- --post-data "$POST" --no-check-certificate &> /dev/null

and replace it with:

echo $POST
wget -t 1 -T 30 -qO- --post-data "$POST" --no-check-certificate >> /etc/hetrixtools/debug.log

After doing these modifications wait at least 5 minutes, and if any errors are encountered during data collection on your server, they will be found in the file: ‘/etc/hetrixtools/debug.log’

To disable debugging, simply undo everything mentioned in this post or re-install the agent.