Starting with the version 2.2.x of our Linux Server Monitoring Agent, we’ve introduced Debug Mode.

This mode, when turned on, allows your agent to generate a log file, located at /etc/hetrixtools/debug.log which you can send to our support staff in order to debug potential issues with your agent.

Turn on Debug Mode

sed -i 's/DEBUG=0/DEBUG=1/' /etc/hetrixtools/hetrixtools.cfg

Turn off Debug Mode

sed -i 's/DEBUG=1/DEBUG=0/' /etc/hetrixtools/hetrixtools.cfg

We recommend turning on Debug Mode only when instructed by our support team, and not letting it run indefinitely.

The debug.log file is automatically cleared every hour by the agent, so we recommend enabling Debug Mode and letting it run for about 10-20 minutes within the same hour, before sending the debug.log file to our support team.