[June 16, 2016]

We’re introducing dynamic delisting links for most of our monitored blacklists, which will speed up your workflow considerably, since you won’t have to copy/paste IPs so much as before.

This means that the delisting links from your Blacklist Monitor reports will now contain the IP address that needs to be delisted, so when you reach the RBL website you’re already presented with the IP lookup on their side.

We’ve managed to implement dynamic delisting links to 80 out of the 130 RBLs which are currently monitored by our platform, the other 50 blacklists not supporting this at all, so they remain with having regular delisting links.

Please note that not all RBL websites will trigger the IP lookup when you access our dynamic link towards their site, some of these RBL websites still require you to press the “Search” or “Lookup” button when you actually get to their website, but our platform will still fill in the IP address field there, so all you’ll need to do is just press the button.

Also, please note that none of our dynamic delisting links will handle the actual delisting for you, they’ll just trigger the lookup of the IP address on the RBL website (if supported by this site).

If you’re experiencing issues with this new feature or if you find RBL websites that would support this feature (which we haven’t found already), be sure to open a support ticket and let us know about it.