[December 4, 2015]

We’re pleased to release in v0.9.11 a feature which has been requested quite a lot lately, version 1 (v1) of our API Access.

For now the v1 contains just a handful of API Calls available for our users, and we’re considering expanding it further in the future, based on clients’ needs. That being said we will not be adding any add/edit/delete calls in v1 of our API, this version will be used only to retrieve info from your account, meaning you’ll still have to do every adding/editing/deleting of your monitors via our interface.

In order to make it easier for our users to understand our API we’ve built the API Explorer, accessible in your client area:

You can read up the API Explorer documentation here:

We’ve also updated our pricing pages to reflect the maximum monthly API Calls each package has. The number of API calls adds up for all of your packages, for instance the Free Uptime Monitor package has 100 monthly API Calls and the Free Blacklist Monitor package has 100 monthly API Calls, which means that a totally free account will get 200 monthly API Calls.

As always, if you have any feedback or encounter any issues be sure to open a support ticket.