If an overdue invoice goes unpaid for more than 2 days, the order/service will become Suspended, which means:

  • your monitors interface will be disabled, making it impossible to manage/view your monitors
  • everything else will keep running just as usual in the background (i.e.: monitors processing will not be interrupted)
  • once the invoice is paid, the account is restored to full functionality, with no late fees or charges added

If the overdue invoice still goes unpaid after 7 days, the order/service will be Terminated, which means:

  • your invoice/order will be canceled
  • your account will be downgraded to the Free package
  • your monitors interface will be unlocked from Suspension
  • all of your monitors will be disabled. You can re-enable just as many as included in the Free package
  • if your order has been terminated within the past 2 months, you can reactivate it, read more here

You can always switch back to the Free package right away by going to your order/service page and canceling the order.

We advise not to let your account get in any of the stages described above.

However, if you have difficulty paying a certain invoice and need an extended grace period, be sure to contact our support department beforehand.