This setting “Stack blacklist monitor notifications for X hours” can be found in your “Account Settings” page, under the “Blacklist Monitor” tab.


Its default value will vary, based on which pricing package you are currently on. However, you can set it to whichever value you wish, no matter on which package you are.

When we’ve designed the notification system, we wanted to avoid our platform spamming your inbox with notifications, considering that some clients monitor thousands or tens of thousands of IPs. Sending out an email for each one of them would have been unacceptable. So we’ve decided to stack these notifications and send them out every X hours. X being the number in this setting.

It can be as low as one (1), which means that your notifications are stacked for up to one hour, and they are sent out hourly. And it can be as high as 24, which means that all of your notifications will be stacked and sent to you just once per day.

If you want to be notified as quickly as possible once changes are detected in any of your blacklist monitors, then select one (1) here.