This little feature will show only the Blacklisted monitors from your Blacklist Monitors list.

To enable it, simply go to the cogwheel and click “Show Only Blacklisted”:


When clicked, it will filter out all the clean blacklist monitors, and just show you the blacklisted ones.

It’s fully compatible with all the other features from the Blacklist Monitors page, such as search or filter based on RBLs, etc; which means you can easily search just through your blacklisted IPs if you wish to do so.


If/when you want to go back to showing all the records again, simply reload the page or click the cogwheel and select “Show All Records”:



This feature can come in handy when you just want to work with your blacklisted monitors, getting all of your clean IPs out of the way.


You can also use it for when you quickly wish to create a Bulk Report that contains all of your blacklisted IPs, just click the “Show Only Blacklisted” and then select all monitors to create a new Bulk Report:


It’s as simple as that, now you’ve got a Bulk Report that contains all of your blacklisted IPs, ready to be handed out to your colleagues or freelancer so they can begin working on it.