[June 3, 2018]

We’ve integrated ‘Google Safe Browsing’ into our Blacklist Monitoring system, so from now on all of your domains will be checked against the Safe Browsing blacklists:


This feature is available for all of our users, regardless of the packages they are on (free or paid).

The checks will be performed automatically, whenever your monitors are due to be checked, every X hours based on which package you are on (ie: free package every 24 hours).

Considering that we’ve just enabled this feature system-wide, if any of your domains are blacklisted on Google Safe Browsing, this will appear in your reports the next time your monitors will be automatically checked (max 24hrs from now).

The results will appear in your blacklist reports, just as with any regular RBL that is being monitored by our system:

Furthermore, if you do not want this feature for your domains, you can just ignore it just as you would any other RBL:  

If you experience any issues with this feature, please open a support ticket on our website and let us know about it.