[February 2, 2016]

In version v0.9.19 we’re introducing the following features:

  • New Documentation – our documentation has been slightly re-designed for better structure and to allow instant searches. You can now ask a question or type in keywords in the documentation search bar to get instant answers, check it out at: http://docs.hetrixtools.com/
  • Filter based on RBLs in Bulk Reports – this feature is widely used on our Blacklist Monitors page, so we thought of porting it over onto our Blacklist Bulk Reports as well. You can read how it works here: http://docs.hetrixtools.com/filter-based-on-rbls/
  • Initiate Manual Blacklist Check – allows you to start a blacklist check on all of your blacklist monitors, whenever you wish, on demand. Read more about it here: http://docs.hetrixtools.com/initiate-manual-blacklist-check/