[July 29, 2018]

We’ve decided to remove the following blacklists from our system:

  • abuse.rfc-clueless.org
  • bogusmx.rfc-clueless.org
  • dsn.rfc-clueless.org
  • elitist.rfc-clueless.org
  • fulldom.rfc-clueless.org
  • postmaster.rfc-clueless.org
  • whois.rfc-clueless.org

This decision was taken because we were seeing a lot of false positives lately, coming from these blacklists.

Furthermore, these blacklists have always been quite trivial, as they do not blacklist known spammers, but merely domains that do not respect certain RFC2 standards. For more info on this, please see: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/rfc-clueless-org/

If you have any domains blacklisted on any of these RBLs, they will appear as being delisted within the next 24 hours (the next time they will be automatically checked by our system).