[Update: June 10, 2024]

We’ve now removed the SORBS RBLs from our system. If your IPs and domains were blacklisted on these RBLs, you will receive a delisting notification after the next automatic checkup of your monitors.

[Update: June 8, 2024]

We’ve been made aware that the reason for the June 6 incident was the fact that SORBS blacklists have all been shut down by their owner, Proofpoint.

This is the reason why all of a sudden all of the SORBS zones came back empty, causing our system to mark some IPs as being delisted from these RBLs.

Read more about this event here:

We will wait till 10-12 June to remove these RBLs from our system so as not to flood our users with delisting notifications over the weekend.

[June 6, 2024]

Today, we’ve noticed that SORBS rsync zones were coming back without any blacklisting entries.

This has caused some monitored IPs/domains that were blacklisted on SORBS blacklists to be marked as being delisted.

We restored 1-day-old SORBS zones from our own backups to address the issue temporarily until SORBS fixes the rsync zones on their end to contain the valid entries they should.

We’ll keep monitoring the situation as it evolves.