[April 14, 2021]

Start by accessing any of your Uptime Reports, as described here:

On your Uptime Reports, you’ll be able to find the new “Global Status” section, towards the top of the page:

This section will contain real-time data regarding your monitored target, collected from each of the monitored locations that you have selected for this Uptime Monitor.

Data included in the “Global Status” section:

  • Location – the current status of your monitored target, as seen by each of the monitored locations.
  • Recent – the recent average response time, for each of the monitored locations. This column will also convert into monthly average response time per location, when you’re viewing the Uptime Report for any specific month.
  • Current – this column will contain the most recent response time for Ping/Service/SMTP monitors, or the most recent load time for Website monitors.
  • Last Check – will contain the last time each location has checked up on your monitored target.

All of the data in the “Global Status” section is updated in real-time, so you can actually see locations around the globe start detecting your website/server as UP or DOWN, as presented in the demo image above.