[October 17, 2019]

We are planning on removing Google SafeBrowsing from our Blacklist Monitoring system on 11 Nov. 2019.

This decision has been reached after Google has announced that SafeBrowsing querying can no longer be used for commercial services after 11 Nov 2019, and that commercial services should start using their WebRisk API instead. We consider that the WebRisk API pricing is too high to work with our current Blacklist Monitoring pricing structure.

What does this mean exactly?

  • Your domains will no longer be checked against the SafeBrowsing blacklist starting with 11 Nov. 2019.
  • If any of your domains are currently blacklisted there, they will be marked as delisted.
  • IPv4 Blacklist Monitors will not be affected by this change, as they are not checked against the Google SafeBrowsing blacklist.