Similar errors

  • Error 111: Connection refused


You can get this Uptime Monitoring error in your Location Fail Log if the monitored target is refusing to allow our uptime monitoring nodes to connect to it.

This can be caused by any number of reasons, among which:

  • The port you are monitoring is closed.
  • Your server or network firewall is blocking the connections. It can either be a general block (blocking everything on that port) or allow just some IPs.
  • Rate-limiting software has ended up blocking our monitoring IPs.


We recommend looking on your server or network to see what exactly is it that is blocking the traffic from our monitoring IPs. Your Location Fail Log will contain the exact timestamp when the errors were encountered and which one of our IP addresses was used for each logged error. This should help you track down whatever it is on your server/network that is blocking the connections from those IPs.