[July 18, 2016]

Starting with 1st of August 2016, we’re introducing a new Blacklist Monitoring pricing structure.

Before reading any further, please note that the new prices will be affecting only orders placed after 1st of August 2016, any old active orders will remain on their current pricing plans, without suffering any modifications.

The new pricing structure will look like this: 

Let’s point out some of the changes:

  • we’re introducing the “Personal” package, for $9.95/mo.
  • the “Professional” package will have the checkup frequency of 8 hours, instead of 12 hours as it was on the old pricing structure.
  • API count has been increased for all packages (if you still need more API calls, contact our support to discuss your project and your needs).
  • the Enterprise package has a selectable check frequency, varying from 24 hours to 4 hours, so its price will differ from $29.95/mo to $99.95/mo, depending on how often you wish your monitors to be checked.

We believe that the new pricing structure and packages are better suited to reflect the quality of our services, and will help us keep up with the growing infrastructure, support and development costs.

Keep in mind that even with this slight price increase, we’ve still got the most affordable pricing, up to 40 times more affordable than our competition:

Once again, please note that if you already have an active order you are not affected by these changes, you can remain on the old pricing structure for as long as you keep your order paid/active. This new pricing structure will affect only orders placed after 1st of August 2016.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to open a support ticket, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.