[August 14, 2015]

v0.9.4 Beta Changelog:

  • introducing the much requested feature: ability to ignore certain RBLs

How does it work?

You can ignore any RBL from any report that you own, you will notice the ‘Ignore’ link next to each RBL. (you can just as easily Un-Ignore any ignored RBL)

Please note that ignoring a RBL will be account wide, meaning all your monitored IPs will start ignoring that RBL from then on.If your IPs are listed on a RBL that you choose to ignore, this will generate an email notification regarding the changes in RBLs your IPs are listed on once the next checkup is automatically ran.

Ignoring any RBL will take full effect once the next automatic checkup is ran.

As always we value your feedback and we thank those who submitted tickets and gave us feedback on our platform, keep it coming.