[January 19, 2021]

This is an informative note regarding the “UCEPROTECT-Level3” blacklist.

This particular blacklist, as per the description on their own website, should not be used lightly to block traffic, as this RBL blacklists entire ASN or even entire hosting providers, and by using this RBL you are surely going to block legitimate traffic as well.

As per their website:

This blacklist has been created for HARDLINERS. It can, and probably will cause collateral damage to innocent users when used to block email.

The recommended use of Level 3 is incorporating it into a scoring system, to give e.g. 2 points on a ‘match’ where 5 or more points trigger a spam tag.

source: http://www.uceprotect.net/en/index.php?m=3&s=5

We (HetrixTools) would also not encourage our users to use this RBL in order to block traffic. We monitor this RBL in our system mostly for informational purposes because we believe that it’s your right, as a user, to know whether or not you are blacklisted on this RBL.

You can always opt to ignore this RBL for your entire account, as explained here: https://docs.hetrixtools.com/ignore-a-blacklist/