If you’ve configured your White Label domain/subdomain as explained in this guide ( https://docs.hetrixtools.com/configure-white-label-reports/ ) and you’re getting an SSL Error when accessing your White Label reports, this means that our system was unable to automatically generate the SSL Certificate for your domain or subdomain, most probably due to CAA DNS records on your domain.

This is caused because your DNS records do not allow LetsEncrypt.org to generate the SSL certificate for your white label domain or subdomain.

You can fix this issue by adding the following DNS record to your domain:
your.whitelabel.domain. CAA 0 issue “letsencrypt.org”
(replace your.whitelabel.domain with your actual white label domain name configured on our platform)

This would allow LetsEncrypt.org to issue a SSL certificate for that subdomain.

You can read more about CAA DNS records here:

If you’re unsure about how to add this record, you should be able to ask your domain registrar or hosting provider to assist (depending where your DNS management is at).

Once this DNS record has been added and DNS changes have propagated, you can try accessing your White Label reports again, and SSL should be working.