We’re going to talk here about Search and Labels for Blacklist Monitors, but the exact same thing can be applied to your Uptime Monitors.

Labeling your IPs is extremely important, especially if you have to manage thousands or tens of thousands of IPs.

You can add several keywords in one Label, for instance:
ClientA ServerA LA Dedi

And you add the above Label to all of the IPs belonging to ClientA on ServerA, which is a Dedicated Server located in LA.

Consider we’re adding a few more Labels such as:
ClientB ServerA LA Dedi
ClientD ServerA LA Dedi
ClientE ServerB LA VPS
ClientF ServerC DA VPS
ClientG ServerD NY Dedi

Now you can search for keywords in order to find the exact IPs that you’re looking for. For instance:

  • to find all IPs belonging to ClientA, search for ClientA
  • to find all IPs from your LA location, search for LA
  • to find all IPs belonging to ServerA, search for ServerA
  • etc.

You can easily combine search with Filter Based on RBLs and Show Only Changes features, to pinpoint very specific things such as:

  • wanting to see if ClientA has recently listed IPs on spamhaus
  • checking the status of your LA location IPs. Any changes during the past few days?
  • checking if that freelancer you’ve hired to delist the ServerA IPs has done his job

You can easily add/edit/remove your Labels by using this guide: http://docs.hetrixtools.com/change-blacklist-monitor-label/

The possibilities are pretty much endless, allowing you to manage huge amounts of IPs easily and without headaches.