Unfortunately, this is completely out of our hands and will depend 100% of each individual blacklist and their practices.

After completing the delisting procedures for a blacklist where your Domain or IP address is listed on, it can take any number of hours/days for them to actually delist your Domain or IP address.

Some blacklists have this process fully automated, so the delisting happens quite fast, while other blacklists may do this manually and it can take quite a bit of time. There may even be blacklists with very limited staff that would take a lot of time to process your delisting request.

Unfortunately, our platform and our staff cannot know the ETA of your delisting process, nor can we expedite this process for you.

Please note: there may even be blacklists that will not delist you at all, if the Domain or IP address is a repeated offender. You will have to get in touch with the blacklist’s support staff in order to clear these things out.

However, it’s always important to remember: before initiating any delisting process on any blacklist’s website, be absolutely sure that you have fixed the issue that got you blacklisted in the first place. This part is critical to remember, because if you don’t do you, you’ll end up being blacklisted right back or not being delisted at all.