When it comes to delisting your IPs, it sure is a lot of work, especially if you have thousands or tens of thousands of IPs that need checking and delisting.

We’ve found that the best practice here would be to divide these IPs into smaller blocks, and create Bulk Reports for each smaller block.

You can then hire one or more freelancers and assign them Bulk Reports so they can handle the delisting.

Each Blacklist Monitor Bulk Report is fully searchable and can be filtered based on RBLs, pretty much like your Blacklist Monitors list in your client area. Why is this important? Because it’ll help your freelancers to easily navigate and work with their Bulk Reports.

Considering you can create an unlimited number of Bulk Reports, there’s no limit to the assignments you can hand out. For instance, a Bulk Report containing just IPs listed on barracudacentral, or a Bulk Report with all the recently listed IPs, or a Bulk Report containing just one client’s IP addresses, and the possibilities go on and on. Think of Blacklist Monitor Bulk Reports as lists of IPs you can easily share with your employees or clients.