– Offline & Removed

[October 19, 2018] The “” RBLs appear to have gone offline, so we have currently removed them from our system for the time being, until their services are ever restored back. The following RBLs have been removed from our system: If any of your IPs were still marked as being blacklisted […]

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PhishTank False Positives

[October 6, 2018] On 6 Oct 2018, an error on our system has caused some clean domains to appear as being listed on the PhishTank blacklist (false positives). We have quickly identified and fixed the issue. If your domain is wrongfully shown as blacklisted by PhishTank, on our platform, it will be cleared during the […]

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[July 29, 2018] We’ve decided to remove the following blacklists from our system: This decision was taken because we were seeing a lot of false positives lately, coming from these blacklists. Furthermore, these blacklists have always been quite trivial, as they do not blacklist known spammers, but merely […]

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[30 June & 01 July 2018] Uptime Monitoring – CloudFlare DNS Issues

[July 1, 2018] On 30 June 2018, our uptime monitoring system has sent out an unusually higher number of alerts due to multiple DNS failures, around the world, from the Google and CloudFlare DNS servers. The issues began at 10:56AM (EST), when most of our 12 uptime monitoring locations have started failing to resolve hostnames that […]

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[June 5, 2018] These 2 RBLs started issuing false positives, blacklisting everything: We have now removed them from our system. However, you may have received some false positive notifications regarding these 2 RBLs; you may safely ignore those notifications. The results in your blacklist monitoring reports will be corrected by our system, the […]

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[May 29,2018] IPv4 RBL has been removed from our system, as they have decided to discontinue the RBL project for the time being. For more info, please see: All IPs currently listed on this RBL will appear as being delisted during the next time your monitors are checked.

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SenderScore False Positives

[April 13, 2018 – UPDATE] We initially thought they are false positives, but every manual check we’ve done has been verified on their website as well, and confirmed not to be a false positive. It looks like they are just blacklisting and delisting entire blocks within short intervals of time (same day), for some reason. […]

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[5 Apr 2018] Uptime Monitoring – CloudFlare DNS Issues

[April 6, 2018] Our uptime monitoring network has suffered a partial outage, due to DNS resolving issues from CloudFlare. Details below:   19:20 UTC we started noticing degraded DNS performance in our London and Frankfurt uptime monitoring locations.  Upon investigation we noticed that CloudFlare hostnames were not resolving properly in these two locations, and thus being reported as […]

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[January 22, 2018] started issuing false positives, and it appears to have been discontinued. We have now disabled this RBL in our system, and we will keep monitoring the situation as it progresses. If you’ve received a blacklist notification regarding this blacklist, you can safely ignore it, and the results will be corrected the […]

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