Blacklist Check is a quick way to find out if one of your IPs is blacklisted and where it’s blacklisted, but it’s not as accurate as our Blacklist Monitor.

Why is that?

Well, for one, when you’re checking your IP via Blacklist Check, one or more RBLs may be unresponsive/offline, in which case you won’t see if your IP is listed there or not. While our Blacklist Monitoring has algorithms in place to fall back on older reports if one RBL is unresponsive, minimizing the risk of giving out false alarms.

Another reason would be the fact that our Blacklist Monitoring system is configured to use older reports in order to determine whether or not the new results are accurate enough or not, which again is another step forward towards more accurate results.

We advise, as best practice, to add your IPs to your Blacklist Monitors and keep them there for most accurate results.